• What Do You Expect?

    Instead of peering at future plans through rose-tinted lenses (or, heaven forbid, ones so dark those plans can't be seen), use the good, ol' clear plastic and expect both the good and not so good.

  • Clean and Dry

     Are you aware that the first hair dryers consisted of hoses attached to vacuum cleaners? Early model vacuums not only sucked air in, they blew it out. Innovative women placed a hose over the exhaust to dry their long locks a…

  • Continual Construction Zone

    I'll always be a writer with scaffolding around my brain. But that's a good thing. In all I do, I should be open to expanding, building my abilities, and renovating my skills before they deteriorate and fall to ruin.

  • Romantic Adventures

    Many readers of inspirational books love a godly romance. Here are some of the romance and women’s fiction titles being released during the month of August by ACFW authors. ROMANCE AND GENERAL FICTION: Tabor Heights Series by Michelle L. Levigne —…