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“I Got Nothin'” OR How the Stack is About to Tip Over!

Yeah, you read that right. I have no review for you today. My calendar told me I needed to do a review of Julie Lessman’s Surprised by Love. Unfortunately, my calendar didn’t take into consideration I HAVEN’T FINISHED THE BOOK YET!

This is a first for me. Oh, it’s not that it’s not a good story, and I will review it on Friday, so hold tight. It’s simply that I’ve been busy with the release of The Yuletide Angel and working on the follow up novel, A Reluctant Melody, among doing lots of other things. I’ve gotten behind in reading and just about everything else.

My husband likes to talk about the time I sent our three-year-old to her room to put her toys away. He went in a few minutes later to find her standing in the middle of the room just looking at them all. She had no idea where to begin. Of course, he did one of those hero-daddy things and helped her.

I’m overwhelmed like my daughter—only in a better way. 🙂 I have certain books I’ve cheerfully agreed to read for review, so they come first. Then, there are those I’m dying to read and the question becomes, “In what order?” 

Do you ever have those times when your stack is so high with books to read you don’t even know where to begin? Here’s a sample of those I want to finish by the end of the year.

Surprised by Love by Julie Lessman (almost finished)

Love Never Fails by Martha Rogers

Every Tear a Memory by Myra Johnson

Hidden Agenda by Lisa Harris 

Crashing into Christmas by Yvonne Lehman (Novella)

A Chapel Springs Revival by Ane Mulligan

The Fruitcake Challenge by Carrie Fancett Pagels (Novella)

Truth-Stained Lies by Terri Blackstock

And a wide variety of others I have yet to crack.

Am I complaining? Absolutely not! Whining, maybe, but what book lover complains about having too many books? It’s like having too much chocolate or too many choices in candy bars! 

So what’s in your stack? Any Christmas stories you’re dying to get into? (Don’t forget The Yuletide Angel!) Are any of the above books on your list?

Blatant and shameless self-promotion.
Blatant and shameless self-promotion.



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