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Warning: This is a completely random post.

I once watched a squirrel try to get to the contents of a bird feeder a dozen times. Each time, he slid off the protective plexiglass top and hit the ground. He’d stare up at the bird feeder, and I could see his conniving squirrel mind trying to engineer a solution. Finally, he gave up, allowing me to stop laughing and go about my business.

The nut-loving rodents can also add some fun to fiction. For a little levity and to show something about a particular character, I inserted a pet squirrel into a scene in Unwrapping Hope. (I’m sorry, you’ll need to read the novella to find out more. 🙂 )

Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit that squirrels are entertaining.

By the way, it’s also National Hugging Day. So go hug a squirrel.

Do you have a favorite squirrel story? Share in the comments!

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