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Book Review: The Traitor’s Pawn by Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris has a new romantic suspense, The Traitor’s Pawn, so I snatched it up, always ready for some fictional danger. I think I’ve read almost all Ms. Harris’ non-Love Inspired stories, and that cover is gorgeous, right?

Aubrey Grayson has a troubled past with her father, a man who deserted Aubrey and her mother for a younger woman. Her abandonment issues weren’t helped by the loss of her close, young adult friendship with Jack Shannon.

“Watch your back…this isn’t over.”

Great opening line. The first pages begin in true suspense style, which doesn’t let up through the first few chapters. The premise is interesting…secrets sold to foreign governments with the heroine’s father the prime suspect. Red herrings that are out in full force. A second-chance romance between old friends.

However, I realized while reading that, for me, this book lacked something. It kept my interest and kept me guessing and going back and forth on the villain, but it didn’t have that heart-pounding suspense I expected. I also found Aubrey’s side of the romance to be settled too quickly. I understood Jack’s hesitation, but the reason behind it (no spoilers) was all that was keeping the pair apart, and it didn’t seem enough for me.

That said, I did enjoy the book and will recommend it for those who like the genre and have a different opinion. As such, I’m giving it…

Rating: 5 out of 4.

Have you read it yet? What did you think? Agree or disagree?

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