Widow’s Might Series

Final Cover

Releasing in Ebook and Print in September 2020

Enduring Dreams

Book One

Loving her might be a blueprint for disaster.

For years, fear has controlled Claire Kingsley’s choices. Fear of professional rejection. Fear of more miscarriages. Fear of ruining another life. Offered a chance to once more practice architecture as a rare female in the business, she fights against the tenacious pull that cost her husband his life. But disturbing news ignites a fierce loyalty to her past love and a powerful attraction to a new one—an attraction she resists…for his sake.

Mark Gregory’s first architectural project in Riverport comes with the request that he work with Claire. He balks at risking his new business and good name on someone with questionable training. Yet, Claire stirs his heart like no other woman.

When events threaten Mark’s chance to obtain an important commission, will Claire conquer her fears to help him succeed, or will she destroy another man’s dream?

Unwrapping Hope

Prequel Novella 

She’s a mystery his heart longs to unravel.

Phoebe Crain, once a lauded concert pianist, lives in anonymity after being disgraced by a wealthy man. For her daughter’s sake, Phoebe can’t afford a second mistake in love, yet each day brings a struggle to resist trusting in the integrity of a department store owner’s heir…another man of wealth.

Spence Newland has fought for years to prove his worthiness to take over the family business. But store scandals and his own insecurity threaten everything he has worked to achieve, even the future he’s come to envision with Phoebe.

Will they give in to their greatest fears or conquer them and unwrap the gift of a forever together?

Travel back to 1896 for a story one reviewer labeled “a lovely tale of the heart.”