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Christian Fantasy: The Lady of Daldriada

Writers write alone (generally), but most writers belong to a critique group or have one or two other peers willing to look at their work and make suggestions. I’m fortunate enough to have several.

Phyllis Keels is a friend who has faithfully read and critiqued my work, and I have done the same for her Christian fantasy, The Lady of Daldriada.

Here is small sample from the book:

Fryddin brushed aside a loose rock from the wall. “Elnath cares not how many he slays, only that he sates his own lust for power. He will not stop until he takes her.” Turning, he leaned his back against the wall and looked up at the clear morning sky. “I can protect her here against the evil that pursues, Father, but—”

“It is not you who protects her, son.”

Fryddin smiled. “Aye, but the power of the Most High.”

Fryddin has long awaited the prophesied arrival of The Lady who will heal his land and end the war between his people and Elnath’s. What he expects is a woman “full of grace, with every word of her mouth flowing like sweet honey.” What he gets is another story.

Caught up in what she at first thinks must be either a joke or a nightmare, Nina Hamilton leaves this contemporary world and finds herself transported back centuries. Before she knows what’s happening, she is pursued by a man with an evil stare and rescued by the man of her dreams. 

Will she live long enough to fulfill her role as The Lady of Daldriada?

Along with Nina and Fryddin, this novel has some appealing secondary characters. One of whom has a large role in Phyllis’ current project, The Yeoman of Daldriada.

In the meantime, The Lady of Daldriada makes for a fun read and is available through

Phyllis and Emma

Phyllis Keels has been writing for over twenty years and is the author/illustrator of a children’s book Emma and the Paper, a collection of Bible studies and poems titled Follow the Shepherd, and the Gifted Writer blog series. When she is not weaving tales, Phyllis tackles her corporate world as the head of a project management office. She teaches Bible study several times a year and lives in North Carolina with her Labrador Retriever Emma. She loves to hear from her readers. You’ll find her online at


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