Meet Sandra

DSCN1279If you were to sit down and make a list of perfect people, how many names would appear on the page?

In my fiction, I introduce you to imperfect personalities—men and women you can laugh with, cry with, and want to shake straight a time or two. They struggle with their decisions, insecurities, and relationships, while traveling a road of faith that both entertains and enlightens.

After years of writing short stories, I now write romance-driven novels and novellas with a touch of suspense. I create heroes and heroines who battle both evil and each other with tears, humor, and earnest prayer.

My job as a writer is to keep you turning the pages by creating realistic characters and exciting plots. My prayer is that from the story of at least one of my fictional people you will find inspiration for the trip along your own road of faith.

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Now, are you ready to take the journey? Well, let’s go! 🙂