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Like a hiker choosing a path to travel - as depicted in the lovely watercolor above, Christian fiction authors take different paths (or genres) to bring readers the stories they love. Until now, my published novels have been in the Christian historical romance genre. I've loved going back in time to bring you sweet love stories set in the 1800s. I'll continue to do so, but I've also cut across country to another path by adding Christian contemporary romances to my published genres.

In the beginning, I won't be taking this trek alone. I've joined with a group of authors who've created stories set in a small town in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The series is called Love at Christmas Inn, a place where Christmas never ends. While the inn plays an important part in all three of my stories, the first two are set in spring and fall.

Let me introduce you to Erin and Shaun.

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Latest Release

Love in Second Bloom

She's searching for direction. He's trying to change his. Are they beyond renewing the dream of a future they once believed in?

At a crossroads in her career, Erin Ward works as a groundskeeper in a small town filled with precious, romantic memories. With Shaun Hadley’s surprise arrival, Erin dreams of a second chance at romance with the guy she broke up with in college. But Shaun isn’t the same man she once loved, and she blames herself.

As an easygoing college computer geek, Shaun let Erin’s rejection light a determined fire under him. Today, he’s a successful businessman seeking to relax. Letting go of his workaholic ways is harder than he’d imagined, even when it threatens both his health and a renewed relationship with the love of his life.

What hope do they have when Shaun can’t slow down, and Erin refuses to stand up for herself and their future...again?

Do you love second chance romances? Then you'll want to read Love in Second Bloom!

Afterward, add to your second chance romance thrill with Leaving the Past Behind. The second book in my series releases in July. Brooks and Danni find themselves reunited for a common cause. But will it last?

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Love at Christmas Inn