Heartwarming Romance

"Ardoin drew me in with breadcrumbs bursting with promises and led me to the perfect ending."



Like a hiker choosing a path to travel, Christian fiction authors take various paths (or genres) to bring readers the stories they love. I've chosen to walk two paths, contemporary and historical, both in the Christian romance genre. I love going back in time to bring you sweet love stories set in the 1800s, but I've also added contemporary romances to my published books.

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My newest series is set in North Carolina. In Hidden Veil, you'll meet couples navigating the pitfalls and joys of love in a small town where everyone's business is everyone's business.

Ready for a happy-ever-after?


She seeks healing for her son. He's looking for atonement for his brother’s death.

How can Lane help a boy and his mother conquer their fears without jeopardizing a second person’s life?

Get to know the first of a series of couples who navigate the joys and pitfalls of life and love in their quaint and tight-knit southern hometown of Hidden Veil, North Carolina.

Look for Book Three, A Hero's Nature, releasing in 2024!

It's back! New Cover. Same story.

Romance. Secrets. Second Chances.

Kit Barnes’ drinking ruined more lives than his own. Now sober, he wants to make amends by opening a mission for drunkards. The most suitable location belongs to Joanna Cranston Stewart, a love from his sordid past and the person he hurt the most.

A pariah among her peers, Joanna is all too eager to sell her property and flee the rumors that she sent her late husband to an early grave. But she will let the gossips talk and the walls of her rundown property crumble around her before she’ll allow Kit back into her

When a blackmailer threatens to reveal her long-held secret, she must choose between trusting Kit or seeing her best friend trapped in an abusive marriage.

Will Joanna risk another betrayal? Or will she find a way through the pain of the past to love again?

(Originally released in 2016.)