Historical Romance

Widow's Might Series

Get to know the young women of Widow's Might as they fall in love again.

Final Cover - Unwrapping Hope

She’s a mystery his heart longs to unravel.

Will they give in to their greatest fears or conquer them and unwrap the gift of a forever together?

"Her plot solidly raps around a great setting that locks you into time and place." ~ Reviewer 

ED Final Cover

Loving her might be a blueprint for disaster.

When bigotry and her fears threaten an important commission, will she summon the courage to help him succeed, or will she destroy another man’s dream?

"I loved the strong faith element woven throughout this story . . ." ~ Reviewer

Rekindling Trust - Final

Two broken hearts given a second chance to mend.

After a decade of hurt, how will trust be renewed in time to save her son from an injustice that will haunt him the rest of his life?

"A lot of emotions run through this story of family of all ages." ~ Reviewer



Barnes Brothers

The road to reconciliation isn't easy.

TYA Final

Who is the mysterious Yuletide Angel?

As much as he admires her spirit, he is horrified by the risk she takes in traveling alone during the wee hours and vows to protect her.

"I loved it. It made me feel in all the best ways, and leaves me content and satisfied." ~ Reviewer

ARM Ebook

Romance. Secrets. Second Chances.

When a blackmailer threatens to reveal her long-held secret, she must choose between trusting a former love or seeing her best friend trapped in an abusive marriage.

"A sprinkling of historical tidbits, a trail of intrigue, and the abundance of spiritual nuggets pulled me in every chance I got to read." ~ Reviewer