What I Write and Why I Write It

I write novels and novellas set in a time that many consider more genteel and, sometimes, more exciting. 

It was a time when ladies wore beautifully-designed dresses over health-threatening corsets and fancy hats with ribbons, plumes, and stuffed birds. Men wore suits and covered their heads with derbys, Stetsons, and slouch hats, and many grew muttonchop sideburns and beards. Transportation was by foot, horse, stagecoach, carriage, and train.

The world saw an industrial revolution and marveled at new inventions meant to ease people's everyday lives. The western half of the United States was being settled, expanding the country's territory and bringing new states into the Union. 

At the same time, women were expected to remain in their places, and men were expected to honor those women through respect, protection, and provision.

What an exciting historical era for a character struggling to find a place in a changing world while discovering God's plan for a worthwhile life and the person with whom they'll share that life.

I write historical romances set in the Victorian era, but when it comes to emotions aren't people the same in these days as they were in our yesteryears?

I write faith-filled stories, because I believe God has much to teach us through story, whether we're the reader or the author.

My books are available on Amazon and some are free to read through Kindle Unlimited. Click on the individual images below to take you to the books' pages.