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August 2019 Around the Web

What a month! Can August really be in its last days?

I’ve been busy preparing Unwrapping Hope for its October release while trying to get in some word count on the next book. Life as an author can be both exhilarating and tiring. Below are some articles that picked me up this month.


We all know the admonition to go make disciples. I found “How to Judge the Success of a Church: Does It Make Disciples” a terrific and toe-stomping article.

It’s easy to stick our feet in our mouths, isn’t it? But what happens when we aim to speak truth? Is it helpful? Is it necessary? Is it “Truth in Love“?


Have books changed your life in some way? Do you have bookcases with warped shelves? Though written from a writer’s point of view, “The Joy of Books” on Southern Writers Suite T reminds us all why we read.

If you can get past the ads on the Chicago Tribune site, “Kindle and Nook readers: You know you don’t own those books, right?” was an interesting article regarding the true ownership of some of those books on your ereaders.

I can’t resist including this video for the cover reveal of my upcoming release. I hope you enjoy!

Need/want to attend a writer’s conference? Maybe you’ll find one to fit you in “31 Writer’s Conferences for Authors, Bloggers, and Freelancers” on the Write Life blog.

When it comes to book sales, do you focus on the long term sales numbers or velocity? Literary agent Janet Kobobel Grant advises writers to “Focus on Velocity Rather Than Sales Numbers” on the Books and Such blog.

Do you ever feel confused about what you should be writing? “Writers, Remember: The Wand Chooses the Wizard” on the Writers Helping Writers blog has tips for finding the type of writing/genre works best for us as individuals.

This was shared on the Steve Laube Agency blog. I found it fascinating and a bit intimidating. 🙂

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