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August 2020 Around the Web

Wow! It’s been a busy month that has sailed by despite the inability to come and go as I please. While you’re stuck at home, too, check out these posts from Around the Web.


The Power of Prayer” by Sara Claudia Tillman stresses our need to have that two-way communication with God. Are you listening?

The Best of Times” by Julia Kay on the ACFW blog is written to writers, but really, it speaks to all of us in whatever we do.

Are you overwhelmed by all that’s going on in the world this year? Michelle Rayburn’s “Coping with Overwhelm to Restore Sanity” is a short podcast to help you deal with those feelings so many of us are experiencing.


Where is your favorite reading spot? “22 of the Best Reading Nooks to Escape Into” on the BookBub blog is one of those awe-inspiring posts that makes readers want to turn their closets into reading spaces.

Here’s an author interview I found interesting for the path the writer took to publication. “How I Write: Joy Avery Melville” on Karin Beery’s blog.

Reading Habits by Generation” is an infographic post on a book marketing blog, but I think it would be interesting to anyone who likes to read. See if you agree with the results.


I don’t know about you, but I’m not the best at keeping up with social media, so it was nice to read “Is Social Media Necessary for Success?” on the Suite T blog. Jamie Lee Grey has proven the answer to be no.

I will admit, I grew tired while reading “Sketching Scenes” by Sarah Sundin on the How to Write a Novel blog. No, it wasn’t boring, but what she goes through before writing a scene! It’s no wonder her novels are some of the best out there.

How To Sell Books in 2020 – Pandemic Edition” from David Gaughran is a long one, but it gives authors, especially indies, some things to think about.

Some great points in this video that could apply to both short stories and novels. I like that he advises to write short stories before tackling a novel.

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