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Book Review: At Love’s Command by Karen Witemeyer

Karen Witemeyer has a new series, and the first book in Hanger’s Horsemen, At Love’s Command, bodes well for its success. Of course, it’s well worth picking up the book just to stare at that gorgeous cover.

After the massacre at Wounded Knee, Army Captain Matthew Hanger tries to atone for his failure by leading a team of benevolent mercenaries made up of a handful of men under his command. Think a Texas, 1890s version of the A-Team.

When one of his men needs a doctor, he’s pointed to the nearest town and to “Dr. Joe,” who turns out to be Dr. Jo(sephine) Burkett. Spoiler – sort of: It’s pretty much love at first sight, which was my only negative. The story contains a much higher percentage of action than romance, so I found their “love” to be more practical/believable if termed as intense attraction.

Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced, exciting story. Matthew is smart and brave, yet he isn’t overbearing. Jo is confident and loyal, even when the latter isn’t deserved.

I give At Love’s Command a hearty thumbs up and 4.8 stars.

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