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Book Review: Raptor 6 by Ronie Kendig

 Looking for non-stop action?



Ronie Kendig has taken a secondary character from her Military War Dogs series, Captain Dean Watters, and plopped him into the main character role in Raptor 6, the first book of a new series called The Quiet Professionals.

The military is everything to Dean. It’s where he’s strongest, where he can forget his tragic past. He’s known loss, felt failure, hardened his heart against God and weakness. But he can’t maintain a passive attitude when it comes to a beautiful and stubborn teacher targeted by an enemy.

Zahrah Zarrick is the Christian daughter of a retired American general and an Afghani woman. She’s been led to serve in an Afghanistan school, but has a different specialty others want—one that means danger for her and the United States.

This story starts with action that doesn’t let up for almost 350 pages. I ached for Dean when he chose to do the one thing he dreaded more than anything. I saw reason in Zahrah’s decision to stay in Afghanistan, even when she knew it might mean death. Great characters.

As much as I enjoyed this novel, I had difficulty with some aspects of the plot. There were a couple of issues they faced where certain actions seemed, not only reasonable, but imperative, yet these professional soldiers—from the brass on down—appeared to take little to no action. For me, it made the plot appear too contrived. 

Even with a weakness Dean Watters would growl at, I’d give Raptor 6 four and a half stars on Amazon if they’d allow it, which they don’t. So I’ll kick it up to five simply because I couldn’t put the book down. When I get so wrapped up in a story that I consider putting my own writing aside to read it, that’s a good book!


Disclosure of Material Connection: I chose to borrow this book from my church library. There was no requirement for me to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed above are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.



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