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Book Review: The String by Caleb Breakey

Caleb Breakey’s debut novel, The String, is the first in the Deadly Game series. It released in July, but it’s a perfect fit for the month of Halloween.

Before I start on my review, watch this trailer for a sample of the tone of the book.

What would you do if you found yourself in a position of risking others’ lives if you didn’t obey a madman’s crazy orders?

Campus police officer and SWAT candidate, Markus Haas learns the hard way that if you’re chosen to become part of The String, you don’t go against the rules. Still, Markus is an honorable man caught in an insane and deadly game that threatens the woman he loves and her two little girls.

I liked that Markus was a regular guy, though he had experience and determination that made him a thorn in The Conductor’s side.

This one starts creepy, ends creepy, and is downright creepy all the way through with twists and suspects and danger to some people, while the majority go through their days without a clue. The Conductor is maniacal, manipulative, and a cold-blooded murderer.

The story can be a little hard to keep up with if you’re trying to guess the identity of the mastermind by what goes on and the opportunities afforded The Conductor. He seems to be everywhere and know everything, which stretched the imagination a little. And there are numerous suspects. It doesn’t get any easier once the mask is removed and you’re looking at it with hindsight.

But this is a psychological thriller that keeps rolling, keeps the reader turning the page. My one caution is that you go into it knowing it’s a series with a continuing story line. This one ends…but does it?

There’s not much meat with regard to the Christian message, but I’m giving The String 4.5 stars and a definite recommendation if you enjoy stories to read with the lights on.

Have you read it? What was your take?

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