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Book Review: Vendetta by Lisa Harris

by Sandra Ardoin

Cover ArtWhen it comes to series books, I usually prefer various main characters as opposed to three or more stories revolving around the same main character. But every once in a while …

Vendetta is the first in Lisa Harris’s new The Nikki Boyd Files series. Nikki Boyd is an investigator for the Tennessee Missing Person’s Task Force. Her experience with a missing sister lays the foundation for the story, both in her choice to go into law enforcement and her personal growth at the end of the book.

As she searches for a missing sixteen-year-old in the wilds of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Nikki relives her guilt over the disappearance of her sixteen-year-old sister ten years earlier. If she had picked her up from school on time, Sarah would never have gotten in the car of a serial killer.

She slowly breathed out. Until now, she’d managed to find a way to remove herself from her cases. But she’d feared it would come to this one day. The day when the past collided with the present. She leaned against the stone wall of the building and stared out across the manicured flower beds and wooded area beyond them. But all she could see was Bridget’s photo.

Sarah’s abductor was back.

Did that send shivers up your back? 

This is a page-turner beginning with the word that comes after “Northeast Tennessee near the Obed River.” (That word is “The,” by the way. :)) And what a twist in the whodunnit category!

The story is told in one POV—Nikki’s—but there is a love interest. Actually, I enjoyed the way her recognition of her attraction unfolded. I also enjoyed the closeness of the relationship between the two and can’t wait until the second book! (Chapter One is included in the back. Oh my!)

This is a fast mover, a little shorter than normal—about 280 pages—but it packs a punch in the romantic suspense category. Lisa Harris has a winner in Vendetta. Check it out! 

What is your 2015 Inspirational romantic suspense recommendation?

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