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February 2019 Around the Web

Sandra Ardoin @sandraardoin

Have you ever had God nudge you and been afraid to trust Him for the necessary change his nudge requires? I’m sure “Question: Do You Want…” on Jeanne Takenaka’s blog hits close to home for all of us. It did me.

I’m a big believer in God’s timing. But how often have I been impatient, waiting for God to work, to point me in the right direction—then get antsy and skip ahead of Him? Too many times. “What it Means to Wait on God” on the Heart”Wings” blog sums up what happens when we allow that impatience to cause us to move when we should be staying put.

We all have our desires and dreams. But what if God says “No” to those dreams? In “The Closed Door: How to Conquer Your Fear of God’s ‘No‘” by Amanda Wen on Jerusha Agen’s blog, we see that a closed door is not always a bad thing.

Do you wonder why authors beg ask for reviews as if their lives depended on receiving them? Well, it’s not our lives, per se, it’s the lives of our books. “An Open Letter to Readers Who Love Books” on the Book Buzz blog answers that question, explaining why reviews are so important and begging asking you to review the books you read. (This is a January post, but I didn’t read it until February, so that counts here, right?)

When my daughter was little, one of MY favorite books to read her was When You Give a Moose a Muffin (an FYI, hers was The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss), so reading “If You Give a Writer a Deadline” by Carlton Hughes on the Almost An Author blog brought back fond memories. I know it’s writing-related, but it’s cute, and no matter what task we’re doing, we can relate.

An author’s writing space is important. It’s also different from author to author. Some write at the kitchen table. Others have elaborate rooms that rival that of a corporate CEO. “My Writing Spot with Sarah Sundin” on the Hope By the Book blog provides insight into the writer’s workspace and her love of… Well, check it out.

Do you want to get inside the thinking of an antagonist who has felt betrayed in some way? Check out this great post: “Tips for Novelists: Betrayal – An Antagonist’s Sharpest Tool” by DiAnn Mills on the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference blog.

As Christian authors, we often struggle with the idea of promotion. We don’t want to be seen as lacking humility. Thomas Umstattdt’s podcast interview with author Shelly Hitz, “Is Book Promotion a Sin?” should lay those worries to rest.

I’ve never read a Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb novel, but of course, we all know the name. Well, she’s been on a rant and roll this month against plagiarism, book scammers, devalued books, and a general lack of appreciation for authors and our hard work. I saw a couple mentions of her blog posts and checked them out. They are well worth reading. And don’t miss the comments. Here is the link to one, but there are more. (A warning for language.)


I’ve had the honor of visiting a number of blogs lately. Yesterday, I was on Trish Perry’s blog where I’m giving away a copy of A Love Most Worthy.
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