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February 2021 Around the Web

It’s been a busy month as I prepare for the upcoming release of Rekindling Dreams. Even so, I always spend time reading/listening to advice from others who might help me live and write better.


This collection on Giphy was just plain fun in celebrating Presidents’ Day.

Although “How Do Writers Respond to Change?” on The Write Conversation is aimed at writers, it’s really an inspirational post for all.

I’ve included “Lost and Found” from the Word Weavers International blog as a love story extension for your Valentine’s Day month. 🙂


I enjoy author interviews, so I thought I’d include this one with Heidi Chiavaroli on Kathy Harris’s blog.

You have got to see “20 Reading Chairs You’ll Never Want to Leave” on the BookBub blog. More than the chairs, I wanted the rooms they fit into.


So far, this year has started with rewriting and editing. I’m including “Resist the Urge to Misuse Quotation Marks” by Denise Loock on The Write Editing blog because I found myself so tempted to do this on occasion.

Elements of Story: How Genre Impacts the Importance of Five Story Elements” on The Write Practice is a lengthy but interesting post to nail down the elements that readers look for in various genres. I include it as much for that information as for some of the links to other posts that are in the article.

This month’s podcast is “Building Your Brand” on the Writing Excuses site.

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