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Historical Flavor: Grit of Teddy Roosevelt

Sandra Ardoin @SandraArdoin

Rough Rider Teddy Roosevelt was known for his adventurous deeds. It seems he proved his mettle (or was it obstinacy?) on October 14, 1912 when he went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to give a campaign speech. He was running for a third presidential term against Woodrow Wilson when he was shot. He carried the bullet in his body until he died in 1919.

The following short video provides a glimpse into the story and personality of our 26th president.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhFvxI6tr3M]

For more information about the “bull moose,” check out this article from whitehouse.gov.

What do you think? Bravery? Pigheadedness? An opportunity to “cowboy up”?


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