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Interview with Eileen Rife, Part Two

Last Friday, I ran Part One of an interview with Chosen Ones Author Eileen Rife. Today, we’ll learn more about Eileen and her writing career.

When did you decide you wanted to be a writer? And why?

Words have always held a fascination for me. This was true for my mother as well. Whenever she would
hear a new word, she would run for the dictionary. Her love became my own.

I think writing has always been a part of my life from the time I was a little girl. I used to make up characters as I
walked to school. English was my favorite subject and I was often praised for my papers.

While I invested in writing (stories, dramas, poetry, journaling) throughout my life, I didn’t pursue
writing professionally until twelve years ago when my husband, Chuck, encouraged me to put a syllabus together for the marriage seminar we conduct. I decided to go for a book. I was hooked and that effort led to several more nonfiction, self-published books and then on to a byline in multiple periodicals. Later, OakTara picked up my first novel which developed into a three-book series.

I write because I have to. The Lord puts a message on my heart that I have to get down on paper. A big part of
writing for me is processing my life, my experiences, my healing journey, His provision, Scriptures, and the fascinating lives of others around me.

Who helped kick off your writing career by believing in you?

Several individuals, really. A college prof who said I had a way with words. Members at a local church who
praised my newsletter column and script-writing. Sue Reidel who edited my first nonfiction book and said, “You know, some authors only have one book in them, but I can tell, you have many more.”

What are you passionate about?

The underdog. Those who are treated unjustly. The poor and needy. The brokenhearted. The captives. Themes in my books, whether nonfiction or fiction, follow a pattern: healing words for hurting hearts.

What do you do for fun and relaxation when you are not writing?

In some ways, writing is my fun. That’s not to say I don’t need a break from it on occasion. When I do, I like to dance with hubby, interact with my grown children and friends, and play with my grandchildren.And if it’s on the beach, all the better!

What’s the main thing you want readers to take away after they close the pages of your book?

Awareness and action. Prayerfully, readers will not only enjoy an intriguing story, but will also be moved to help children who are caught up in the horrors of sex trafficking.

What book are you working on next?

Second Chance, a stand-alone novel which has also been contracted by OakTara to be released in 2012.

Back cover blurb: Mave Robertson wants the life back in her marriage. Dareece Jackson just wants a life.

Could they be the answer to each other’s dream?

Mave Robertson, a recent empty nester, wants the fire back in her marriage, but her husband, Jerry, remains
aloof. Is he having an affair? Midlife crisis? When a neighbor suggests she “get a life,” Mave accepts the challenge and volunteers at an inner city teen ministry where she is thrown into a culture of drugs, gangs, and unwed teens. She soon discovers a friend whom she can help, but she never guesses that he might be the cure for both her stale marriage and her crumbling relationship with her father.

There is something in Mave Robertson’s purse that Dareece Jackson wants . . . and he’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Chosen Ones is available at most online stores, including,, and Available in paperback, Kindle, Nook and ebook at

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Thanks so much for providing us with some insight into your novel and your writing life, Eileen!


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