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January 2019 Around the Web

Sandra Ardoin @sandraardoin

I’m running a little late this morning, but that doesn’t take away from the wonderful January posts. Can you believe the month is almost over? Didn’t we just celebrate Christmas? I hope you find something in these chosen posts that speaks to you.

Have you chosen or do you choose a word or phrase for the new year? Something that shows the improvement you wish to make to your life in the next twelve months? Dee Dee Chumley wrote of the reason for hers in “My Word for 2019: Hope.” I gave you mine last week. What word have you chosen and why?

Do you praise Him when the storm clouds appear? What a great reminder in Nan Trammel Jones’s post, “I Heard Her Song Through the Impending Darkness“, that God is always worthy of praise and, most especially, during the times when we’re afraid or struggling.

This devotion, “A New Heart for a New Year” by Audrey Frank pinches the toes, especially when she talks about the alloyed and unalloyed heart.

Although I haven’t read but one of the books on the list of “26 Ridiculously Good Historical Fiction Books, According to Readers,” from the BookBub site, what amazed me were the high number of novels set in the 1900s, especially World War II. Which on this list would make your top reading choice?

My Heart Belongs in the Blue Ridge: Laurel’S Dream (2019) + Giveaway” on The Christian Fiction Girl blog is so much more than a book review for one of Pepper Basham’s books. It’s also a devotional tying our perspective and purpose in real life to those of the characters in the story.

A new year always brings in predictions for what the year will hold in the way of writing trends. There were things talked about in “Top Ten Publishing Industry Trends Every Author Needs to Know in 2019” from Written Word Media that I wasn’t familiar with, however, I found the article interesting and something to pay attention to.

I read “To Agent or Not to Agent” on the Southern Writers Suite “T” site without knowing who wrote the article. When I got to the end, I was floored to discover it was by Irene Hannon, a very successful author in Christian publishing. While not doable for everyone, she makes some great points.

How many times have you heard it? “You need a platform or editors will not even consider publishing you!” Well, I found “I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Platform” on the Books and Such blog encouraging and inspiring, even though it doesn’t mean that platform isn’t important. It’s engagement that matters.


The quality of the video isn’t the best, but unfortunately, the content is probably all too accurate. Watch to the end.

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