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March 2013 New Christian Fiction Releases

On these last days of winter, settle in a comfortable chair near the fireplace with one of these new releases:

Catching Her Heart by Carolyne Aarsen — When they fell in love that summer, Jess Schroder never knew the secret Naomi Deacon carried away with her. Eight years later, she’s back in Hartley Creek – a nurse’s aide devoted to healing others. As she gets to know the good, caring man Jess has become, Naomi realizes they both deserve a second chance. Is Jess ready to let Naomi past his defenses? Romance from Love Inspired

Moonlight Masquerade, A Regency by Ruth Axtell — Lady Celine Wexham seems the model British subject. French by birth but enjoying life in 1813 as a widowed English countess, she is in the unique position of being able to help those in need-or to spy for the notorious Napoleon Bonaparte. When Rees Phillips of the British Foreign Office is sent to pose as the countess’s butler and discover where her true loyalties lie, he is confident he will uncover the truth. But the longer he is with her, the more his staunch loyalty to the Crown begins to waver. Historical Romance from Revell

Rekindled Romance by Lorraine Beatty — Back home again to regain her health, Shelby Russell finds herself babysitting for Matt Durrant’s adorable kids, but the trouble is, Matt’s the man she jilted for her career years ago. Romance from Love Inspired

The Hidden Son by Dianna T. Benson — When U.S. DEA Special Agent Lelisa Desmond refuses to follow an order to bury evidence in a high profile case, her superior inexplicably hires a hit man to kill her. Lelisa barely survives the first attempt on her life, but someone close to her is mistakenly murdered in her place. Lelisa sets off on a daring mission to bring down the man who ordered her execution. A man with powerful friends who will stop at nothing to protect his son. Can she take him down, before he sends someone else to silence her forever? Suspense/Police Procedural from Ellechor Publishing House

Strand of Deception by Robin Caroll — Strand of Deception offers romance, suspense, and a lively debate about the impact of DNA testing, for better or worse, on the United States justice system. Romantic Suspense from B&H Publishing

Swept Away by Mary Connealy — Ruthy MacNeil is rescued from a flood by Luke Stone…who is on his way to fight the man who killed his father…so unfortunately, there are more chances to die in Ruthy’s immediate future. Historical Romance from Bethany House

Scorned Justice by Margaret Daley — Texas Ranger Brody Calhoun realizes the attack on his high school sweetheart’s brother is more than it seems. Judge Rebecca Morgan is in the midst of a trial involving the Russian Mafia and suddenly her life is in danger. Romantic Suspense from Abingdon Press

When Truth Whispers by Dora Hiers — After a humiliating breakup, best-selling romance author Teal Benning flees to Promise Lake to complete her current novel, minus paparazzi and flashing cameras. Suffering from writer’s block and a broken heart, Teal accepts the offer of help from neighbor, Hunter Miciver. Hunter longs to be more than the friend who picks up the shattered pieces of Teal’s heart, but when Teal finds out his secret, will she see him for the man he is? Contemporary Romance Novella from White Rose Publishing – Pelican

Journey’s Embrace by Dora Hiers — After an injury forces Deputy U.S. Marshal Sage Michaelson off duty, he heads to his hometown with two things on his mind: recuperating and reevaluating, but Sage can’t refuse his best friend’s plea to keep a protective eye on his little sister after someone ransacks her house.
Flight Medic Delaney Hunt has loved Sage forever. But, he’s all about control while she takes risks. She doesn’t need Sage looking over her shoulder. But when things go wrong and she finds herself hanging by her fingertips, who does she call to rescue her? (Contemporary Romance from White Rose Publishing – Pelican

Angel Falls by Connie Mann — A fiercely protective Brazilian orphanage director and a burned-out Army Ranger are forced together in a deadly race to save one helpless baby. Romantic Suspense from Abingdon Press

Love Will Find a Way by Pamela S. Meyers — When April Love opens her new eatery and catering business in an old Victorian in the village of Canoga Lake, Wisconsin, trouble is afoot. During renovations, she discovers evidence that the home had once been the hideout of a famous gangster. When several break-ins and an attempted arson fire threaten the grand opening, April and handsome fiancé Marc Thorne wonder if the gangsters still around? Cozy Mystery from OakTara Publishers

The Survivor by DiAnn Mills — Kariss helps a woman involved with a 23 year old cold case and steps into a viper’s pit of danger. Romantic Suspense from Zondervan

When Memories Fade (Victory Gospel Series 2) by Tyora Moody — Angel Roberts has embraced her new faith, but past memories remain fresh. After her beloved grandmother suffers a stroke, Angel sets out to investigate a mystery that has lingered since she was five years old. What happened to her mother? She teams up with investigative reporter, Wes Cade, a man obsessed with his Alzheimer stricken grandfather’s remaining memories. As Angel lets her guard down with Wes, his determination to get the story could push her to the edge. Is his interest in her or the story? Romantic Suspense from Urban Christian

Love for the Right Reasons by Donna L. Rich — Beverly Lahmeyer falls in love with her new boss, but devastating news brings their relationship to a halt. Contemporary Romance from Heartsong Presents

Mountain Homecoming by Sandra Robbins — In the second book in the Smoky Mountain Dreams series, the Martin family realizes their way of life is changing as the lumber companies begin to invade their remote valley deep in the Smoky Mountains. Romance from Harvest House

The Tempted Soul by Adina Senft — A childless Amish woman is tempted by medical technology to betray her beliefs. Contemporary Women’s Fiction from Faith Words – Hachette

Antique Dreams by Amber Stockton — Fulfilling a deathbed promise, Aaron Stone encourages Lillian Bradenton to bring life back to a boarded-up bookstore, but before he can make good on his promise, he is called away to settle a family emergency, leaving Lillian to wonder if she’s lost him forever. Historical Romance from Heartsong Presents

Forsaken Dreams by Mary Lu Tyndall — Forsaken Dreams launches readers on a romantic adventure as Colonel Blake Wallace leaves the war-torn South behind to build a utopian society in Brazil. But will unexpected dangers on the ship and the secret of one captivating lady keep him from beginning anew? Historical Romance from Barbour Publishing

Ring of Secrets by Roseanna M. White — Love has no place in a world of spies. Historical Romance from Harvest House

Note: This list is compiled from those books registered by ACFW member authors on Fiction Finder and reprinted with permission of ACFW.

I have received no compensation for this post and have no material connection with any product(s) mentioned. Embedded links are strictly for the convenience of my readers.

As an author of heartwarming historical and contemporary romance, Sandra Ardoin engages readers with page-turning stories of love and faith. Rarely out of reach of a book, she's also an armchair sports enthusiast, country music listener, and seldom says no to eating out.

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