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March 2020 Around the Web

I think we can all use a little inspiration, a little diversion right now. Yes? Check out these articles from this month, then write and read on!!


If you’ve never listened to the Write From the Deep podcast with Karen Ball and Erin Taylor Young, you might want to start with this episode: “How God Speaks to Us Through History with Guest Tamera Alexander“. Author Tamera Alexander shares what she’s learned from history, especially her experience with her parents and how the idea of leaving something behind has driven what she writes. The end is particularly thought-provoking for whatever you do in life, not just writing.

I don’t know about you, but in this crazy crisis, I’ve tended to look for those silly memes and a good laugh. I’ve rolled my eyes at all the doomsday comments that remind me of movie scenes of panicked people. Yes, we need to be prepared and take precautions. No, it might not be fun. Yes, it’s dangerous. But GOD’s GOT THIS, Y’ALL! Anyway, “A Perfect Storm: Bringing Out the Best or Worst in Us” from Ava Pennington’s blog might provide some inspiration for you.

Are you getting bored at home? Worried about the future? Check out “30 Meaningful Things to Do If You’re Self-Quarantined” on Cathy Baker’s Creative Pauses blog for ways to take your mind off the present circumstances.


So glad to see that my genre, Historical Romance, is the Christian genre that most appeals to readers. What do you think? Make sure to click through to see the “40 Essential Christian Romance Authors – 2020 Edition” on the Family Fiction site. Anyone you’d like to add?

How big of a reading snob are you? Grow with “How to Increase Your Snob Appeal by Reading Through the Pandemic” from Tamela Hancock Murray on the Steve Laube blog. Call out in the comments the classic books you’ve read on her list.

Trying to figure out that character and how he fits into your story? “Characters of personality: 7 concepts for richer stories” on Now Novel gets into the details and will make your head spin…with ideas.

Are you burned out? Having writing-related health issues? “I Didn’t Write for a Month…and I Lived!” on the Inspired Prompt blog is great inspiration to take back control of your life from your writing obsession. (I’m talking to me.)

Stuck and need some unique story sparkers? Check out Writer’s Digest’s “5 Ways to Come Up With Great Story Ideas” by Brian A. Klems.

Let’s end with some 2014 funny from Chonda Pierce. 🙂

Have you found a particular online article inspiring this month?

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