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May 2018 Around the Web




A gut-wrenching post, “Healing in the Intensive Care Unit,” on Janyre Tromp’s blog is an honest look at what it means to go through trial after trial and try to keep your faith intact. Life is hard, folks, but it amazes me to read stories like this where one weight is placed on another, and then another. I’ll be honest enough to say I’m not sure how well I’d deal with that kind of refining.

Do you ever find that you need to extend as much grace and mercy to yourself as you do others? The devotion “I’m Not the Judge” by Andrea Merrell rings so true.

If you deal with a chronic illness and dread the idea of traveling, Angela Arndt knows your hesitation and provides seven tips to make the most of your trips.


Curious as to “How to Use Social Media to Help Your Favorite Author“? A. M. Heath recently found herself in Amazon’s reviewer jail, but it didn’t stop her from helping her favorite authors get the word out about their books!

Do you like strong and independent heroines? I do. Enjoy this short excerpt on Kimberly Rose Johnson’s blog. It’s from Jodie Wolfe’s new novel To Claim Her Heart.

My daughter had her favorite preschooler books, so I thought “Our Family’s Favorite Picture Books” on the Never Not Reading blog would be of interest if you’re looking for picture books for your child.


“…when they [authors] spend as much or more time on the similarities between the protagonist and antagonist, those characters come with built-in tension….” Have you ever focused on creating heroes and villains with similar characteristics? “When Your Protagonist Sees Your Antagonist in the Mirror” in Southern Writers Suite T made me think.

Are you looking for an agent or editor? “Book Promotion: Do This, Not That—May 2018” on The Book Designer blog provides information to “converse with, sell to, and negotiate with those in the publishing industry who hold the key to your success.” 

I’m always on the lookout for interesting marketing ideas and the BookBub blog is a great place to be inspired. I especially scoured “25 Creative Ways Authors Use Images for Social Media Marketing.”

What kinds of posts inspired you in May?


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