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Review: Into the Deep


When Ben Dearinger got hold of a flash drive carrying deadly secrets, the scuba diver did the only thing he could. He buried it—fathoms deep. Now a drug cartel wants the evidence back, and they’re willing to threaten Ben’s ex-girlfriend Nikki Hoffman to get it. Although Nikki caused him no end of heartache, forgetting her has been impossible, and Ben would risk anything to protect her. But what will he do when he discovers her secret—that he’s the father of her child?

IMO: Never having read one of Virginia Smith’s novels, I picked up this one because it dealt with a missing flash drive and its “secrets.” The concept sounded similar to my current project, so I wanted to know how she treated it. Though they are two totally different stories, I can only hope mine turns out to be written so well.

With this book, Virginia brings her readers a suspenseful, romantic tale they can dive right into (yes, pun intended) from the very first page. She has a way with description that has you escaping along with her main characters. For instance, take the first sentence of Chapter One, “Double rows of razor-sharp teeth gleamed wickedly beneath a dead black eye.” Great for raising the hairs on the arms. The story moves quickly with a lot of action and  romantic tension.

Even though this Love Inspired Suspense released last October, it’s story could have been drawn from today’s news, as it revolves around the Mexican drug cartels. It takes us from Key West to Cozumel to Salt Lake City and Portland, Oregon, and involves angry drug dealers, danger for a small boy, and a crooked U.S. senator. What more could you want? Oh, yes, there’s also the  love story between a man who has done his best to follow in his shiftless father’s footsteps and the woman who left him in favor of a more stable home for his son.

When you get the chance, escape with Ben and Nikki Into the Deep.




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