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Review: Unforeseeable by Nancy Mehl

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A serial killer is on the loose. Like the famous BTK killer, he’s been inactive for a years. Now he’s killing again—in Kingdom—and Callie Hoffman worries it may be someone she knows. Worse, she believes her fiancé, Levi Housler, can name the killer.


Unforeseeable is the third novel in Nancy Mehl’s Road to Kingdom series. You’ll find my review for book two here and and the trailer for book one here. 

Callie Hoffman is engaged to the man of her dreams. She has a job she likes and friends who love her. Still, there’s something wrong with her perception of the past and with her fiancé. Since becoming pastor of the Kingdom church, Levi has changed. He is no longer the lighthearted man she fell in love with. Callie has a lot of baggage of her own she isn’t even aware she carries around, and it affects her relationship with Levi and others. 

When the new sheriff of the county warns them of a serial killer, the residents of Kingdom can’t believe such evil would invade their town—until it does.

The cover is beautiful. In looking at it, though, I expected the point-of-view character to be male. But like the others in the series, it’s first person with the point-of-view character being that of the heroine, Callie Hoffman.

The genre is romantic suspense, but don’t expect the typical heart-throbbing romance and nail-biting suspense we usually see. The book—the whole series, actually—is character driven, more than plot driven, and involves a younger generation of Old Order Mennonites trying to reconcile being in the world but not of it. This story, especially, deals with Callie’s and Levi’s quandaries between living “safe” lives in a town created to suit their parents’ faith, and the need to make a difference in the outside world. 

This was a quick and absorbing read for me. Not only is it an interesting story with engaging characters, but the story question seeps into the subconscious and doesn’t let go. How do we influence the world for Christ if we remain insulated in our own Christian communities? And, for the mystery buff, Ms. Mehl does throw a twist in at the end. 

I’m hoping there will be at least one more book in this series. I’d like to read Jonathan Wiese’s story. So…ahem…Ms. Mehl…?

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