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Trailer Tuesday: Avery’s Battlefield and Avery’s Crossroad

An moving trailer from Deanna Klingel for her two young adult novels Avery’s Battlefield and Avery’s Crossroad




Avery’s Battlefield (book one 1861-62) and Avery’s Crossroad (book two 1863-65) contain the story of Avery Junior Bennett and his hound dog Gunner who left their home in Kanawha, VA, in 1861 when Avery was 14 years old. He didn’t leave to join the war; he left on a family errand. But the war caught up to them, and Avery and Gunner spent the next five years working in the field hospitals in Richmond and Alexandria, serving men on both sides of the conflict.


The book is YA, Christian fiction, published by Journey Forth/ BJU Press. The author, Deanna K. Klingel, lives in the mountains of western North Carolina with her husband, Dave. They recently celebrated 50 years. They have seven children, and their spouses, and eleven grands. Her other work can be found on her website



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