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Where Do You Find Your Christian Fiction?

I talked to a friend earlier this week about available Christian novels. She was thrilled to learn new titles and author names she hadn’t been aware of, and I’ll be giving her more.

  • Being a member of American Christian Fiction Writers gives me the opportunity to learn what will be releasing shortly. That information comes straight from the author much of the time. At the beginning of each month on this blog, I post a list of new releases by ACFW authors. (See September’s list here.) It’s a heads up for readers.
  • For information straight from the author, go to Fiction Finder. There, novels are listed with a blurb about the book, along with information about where it can be purchased. Search by genre or author. There’s also a rating system for things like violence, humor, romance, suspense, etc. It’s a great way to discover what’s new. 
  • A couple months ago I joined Goodreads where I participate in a few of the chats that go on. It’s a place to connect with authors and build the “to read” shelf of your bookcase, as well as see reviews of books you think you might like to read. Join me there and we’ll compare favorites.

Taken together, the above constitute a drop in the bucket of ways to find books. So…

Where do you go to discover the latest Christian fiction to add to your “to read” list? Do you search by author? By genre? Do you get the information by talking to others? Through blogs like this one?



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