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A Life in the Day of… Dora Hiers

Sandra Ardoin @SandraArdoin

Writing can become an obsessive activity. So, in January, I began a once-per-month series inviting authors to share something they do to keep life in perspective when the writing beckons 24/7. Today, Dora Hiers provides her way of recharging and refreshing her spirit.

Welcome, Dora!


One glance at the lower right corner of my computer screen, and I shut down my laptop, all writing and related tasks finished for the week. Really? As if a writer’s work is ever done. But it is for me at three o’clock on a Friday afternoon. Any minute and my fire chief hubby should arrive home to pick me up for our two-hour ride to the mountains.

Some people head to the beach when the temperatures warm, but we’ve always pointed our car toward the mountains. When the interest rate plunged to a will-we-ever-see-this-again low, hubby convinced me that an annual mortgage amount would come close to what we paid in rentals. Last fall, all those years of dreaming and talking and “one day’s” became real when we finally got the keys to our very own mountain getaway.


Juggling my husband’s crazy schedule and relentless availability as a fire chief with the constant demands of the writing business can overwhelm at times, so we head to our little cabin as often as our calendar permits. There’s just something so calming and tranquil about that first glimpse of the mountain range. Whether it’s that sweet mountain hug or inhaling deep cleansing breaths of pure air, I’m not sure, but peace soon fills my spirit.

We take long walks around a nearby lake where swans, geese, ducks and horses share the space without squabbling. Back at the cabin, jumbo-sized wild turkeys and deer meander across our property. Mr. Black Bear hasn’t shown up yet, but our neighbor’s photos prove that we’ll probably meet him this summer. Understandably, nature supersedes the television. The morning sun streaming through our blinds is a much more natural way to wake, much better than an obnoxious alarm.

It’s a place of renewal and inspiration for me. Where God shows me that He is still very much in control. It’s where I pause and reflect on how much He loves me, how He longs for me to focus more on Him rather than deadlines or disappointing book sales. Being there reaffirms that life is more than writing and books, that my writing is a gift from Him, not an identity.

A couple of days in my happy place and my spirit is recharged. Not quite enough to make me bounce out of bed when the alarm shrieks on Monday morning. I might need another day or two for that. Just sayin…lol.

What about you? How do you recharge and refresh your spirit?


Dora believes that a person should love what they do or choose to do something else. She’s doing exactly what makes her heart sing, and considers every day a gift. When she takes a break from cranking out heart racing, God-gracing romances, Dora adores reading, chowing down on her hubby’s lip-smacking home-smoked ribs, and sipping coffee on a mountain cabin deck. Hang out with her on Fiction Faith & Foodies, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. She loves hearing from reader friends at DoraHiers@gmail.com. Dora also writes sweet romance that sizzles under the pen name, Tori Kayson.

Where Wishes Live


After ten years abroad, renowned chef Camille Tulane is back in the good ole USA. Good?
Ha! The only good memories were her family’s annual holiday pilgrimages to Tennessee, and hanging out with the handsome Chase Kirkland. Now, her ambitious Italian boyfriend’s proposal has her running scared. She has one month to prep their vacation house for sale, one month to give Antonio an answer. But she doesn’t need that long. Not when Chase smiles at her like that…

Chase Kirkland regrets letting Camille fly away, but he couldn’t clip her angel wings. She’d never be happy in small town Steepleview, and he couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, especially not since buying Where Wishes Live, the winter resort where they met. When Camille fills in for the pregnant resort chef, suddenly those angel wings look like they might have come home to nest, and Chase vows to bring all her wishes to life.

As an author of heartwarming historical and contemporary romance, Sandra Ardoin engages readers with page-turning stories of love and faith. Rarely out of reach of a book, she's also an armchair sports enthusiast, country music listener, and seldom says no to eating out.

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