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August 2018 Around the Web

Sandra Ardoin @SandraArdoin



Fridays from the Archives ~ The Right Thing” is a revived post from author Roseanna White. It says so much about the disappointment we all feel at times, whether you’re a writer or not. How do you handle those times of indecision and despair—when you’ve hit a roadblock or even a “Y” in the road, or when you’re ready to toss in the towel?

I loved this (almost exact) quote from the pastor’s Sunday sermon: “The focus of prayer is always about God.” A sentiment expressed clearly in this prayer: “Giving God His Due and Overdue Thanks” on The Gospel Coalition site.

When stress begins to take over your life have you considered playtime with God? Edie Melson shares her experience in “When Life Feels Stressful–Playtime With God” on the blog Jennifer Slattery Lives Out Loud.


If you love stories, you’re likely to want to inspire that love in future generations. On the Seriously Write blog, Dawn Kinzer provides tips from her experience with grandchildren in “Raising the Next Generation of Storytellers.”

I’m putting “The Author’s Life in 39 Easy Steps” under the Reading category because it’s a hoot and gives non-writers some insight into what a writer goes through in the course of a book’s creation.

I was honored to be interviewed this month for Women of Faith on Gail Johnson’s blog. What do I consider my “First Things First” when it comes to the priority of spending time with God?


Flash fiction – it’s how I started in writing, but can it help your writing career? Lindsay Brackett answers that question in “How Can Flash Fiction Help My Writing Career?” on the Blue Ridge Conference blog.

I’ll admit I don’t always consider the why of a particular story when first planning it, but Jerry Jenkins has some good points in his post “How to Develop the Theme of Your Story.”

As I read “Crafting a ‘Body Language Voice’” on the Writers Helping Writers blog, I kept thinking of the need to give my characters a unique way of expressing themselves through body language. The wheels kept turning.





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