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Book Review: Tangled Webs by Irene Hannon

by Sandra Ardoin @SandraArdoin

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Tangled Webs is the third book in the Men of Valor series by Irene Hannon and finishes the romantic and suspenseful stories of the McGregor brothers.

The youngest, Finn, rents a backwoods cabin to sort through his issues with the incident that almost took his life and to determine his plans for the future. When middle-of-the-night screams call him to rescue a woman in distress, both Finn and Dana come face to face with an unexpected attraction and someone out to scare her off her property.

Sheathing the blade, he flexed his fingers on the Beretta and slipped noiselessly through the cabin, ticking through the factors in his favor as he psyched himself up for a confrontation that was liable to become violent.

The element of surprise was on his side.

He was armed.

He’d led dozens of successful assault and rescue missions.

No matter what he found on the other side of the door where the woman was being held, he could handle the situation. Would handle it.

Whatever it took.

Irene Hannon releases a romantic suspense, and I’m generally all over it. So when I had the opportunity  to finish this series that I’d enjoyed, I took it. As always, it held my interest, but I’ll admit, this one wasn’t my favorite.

With the exception of the opening scene, it seemed the first half of the book dealt more with the romance with very little suspense happening. We’re let in on the antagonist and the why of the deeds very early in the book, so that takes away that bit of mystery. In fact, it plays more on the heartstrings.

I really got tired of reading that Finn was an ex-Army Ranger. My husband was a Ranger. Yeah, they go through a lot to get to wear that title, but after a while, I wondered if that was mainly what Dana saw in Finn.

The suspense picks up in the second half of the book and tugs on those heartstrings even more. The story moves fast and the characters are likeable. It’s just not the best I’ve read in the genre lately. But if you’re an Irene Hannon fan like me, you’ll snatch it up anyway.  🙂

In reading a romantic suspense, do you like knowing the antagonist from the get-go or prefer to keep that a mystery until the climax?





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