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June 2018 Around the Web


It’s those dog days of summer, so stay inside where it’s cool and read!



“But worship is more than a genre of music or one section of a worship service.” I love praise songs, but in “Worship is Much More Than Music” on The Good Book site, Jaren Wilson encourages us to worship, not only during portions of a formal service, but at all times.

Have you ever had one of those times when you felt that prod to do something for someone, but put it off? Yeah, I figured as much. Me too. This devotional from Melissa Henderson on the Capturing the Idea blog appealed to me while it stepped on my toes. 🙂

What is your idea of hospitality? I’ll admit, mine fits pretty close to the author’s original definition, but she discovered the truth and wrote about it in “Saying Goodbye to Martha Stewart Hospitality” on the (in)courage blog.


Do you judge a book by its cover? This author on the InspyRomance blog chooses her covers first, then writes the story, but… “There are times, however, when an image I had chosen at the start of the writing process turns out to be the wrong one.”

I saw a link and had to read this post on the Mental Floss site: “How WWII Helped Give Birth to the Softcover Book.” When was the last time you read a hard cover book?


A clear and helpful article about the reversal moment (midpoint) using the triangle structure of novel construction:  The Triangle Structure for Writers, Part 2 on The Write Conversation.

Maybe you’ve been following this case about the author who trademarked the word “cocky,” then proceeded to have all books with that word in the title removed from sale. I’ve found it interesting, but it’s unlikely she will ever win a congeniality award at a writer’s conference. “Judge Denies Author Attempt to Trademark ‘Cocky‘” in Publishers Weekly gives the court’s ruling (so far). I don’t know but suspect the author is not finished.

Do you need to add more suspense or tension to your story? With tips from “The Efficient Author’s Cheat Sheet for Creating Suspense and Tension” on the Writers in the Storm blog might help you take your story to a “can’t-put-down” level.

What type of posts draw your attention on web?



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