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September 2012 New ACFW Releases

School’s back in session and there’s lots of reading to catch up on. Check out the latest.

Love Reunited by Renee Andrews  — A soldier returns home to find the love of his life is single again, but he also learns that she’s blind…and that his confession of love may have cost her a marriage and her sight. Contemporary Romance from Love Inspired.

Avenir Eclectia, Volume 1 by Grace Bridges, Pauline Creeden, Kat Heckenbach, Keven Newsome, H.A. Titus, Fred Warren and more  — A human colony in the constellation of the Whale struggles to survive on an aging orbital station peopled with bureaucrats, wizards, beggars and cyborgs, and a violently unstable planet overrun with giant bugs and telepathic sea creatures. Speculative Fiction from Splashdown Books.

Christmas Roses by Amanda Cabot — Can an itinerant carpenter searching for his father and a young widow who seeks only her daughter’s well-being find happiness in a small Wyoming mining town in the fall of 1882?   Historical Romance from Revell.

To Write a Wrong by Robin Caroll — In Angola State Penitentiary, a man is serving time for a crime he didn’t commit. Riley Baxter is an eager reporter desperate for a story to make a name for herself. When she stumbles upon the daughter of the incarcerated man, Riley sees a little too much of herself in the teen, and vows to help prove her father’s innocence. At the same time, Hayden Simpson has his hands full with keeping his little sister in line, worrying about his job as Police Commissioner, and dealing with his past emotional baggage. The last thing he needs is someone blowing the lid off his emotional bucket. Romantic Suspense from B & H Publishing.

Material Witness, A Shipshewana Amish Mystery by Vannetta Chapman — Masked identities, antique quilts with hidden messages, an Amish boy whose handicap makes him stronger, one brave dog, and a possible hidden treasure. This time it’s nonstop action, danger, and a dash of romance. Cozy Mystery from Zondervan.

A Mom’s New Start by Margaret Daley — Single mom, Maggie Sommerfield, is having trouble with her son and turns to Cody Weston, a counselor, but although he brings comfort and support to her, he has a few secrets of his own. Contemporary Romance from Love Inspired.

A Cascade Christmas by Mary Davis, Mildred Colvin, Debby Lee, and Gina Welborn — While Artisan Sela Fox runs her gift shop, she creates rare and beautiful guitars from redwood burl just as her husband had until his death. When land developer Evan Black shows up on her doorstep, using his humor and good looks to try and persuade her to sell the small slice of heaven she owns, she refuses to give up the only reminder she has left of her husband. But Evan is even more stubborn than the lovely Sela, and he has plans of his own. When he shares his talent for classical guitar using one of Sela’s creations, he’d not intended to woo her, but she responds to his serenade. Romance Novella from Barbour.

Mother of Pearl by Kellie Coates Gilbert — The football coach went too far with her daughter . . . now this mother will risk everything she holds dear to bring him to justice. General Contemporary from Abingdon Press.

The Road to Mercy by Kathy Harris — Josh Harrison, a contemporary Christian singer, and his wife Bethany face a difficult decision that also tests their faith. A rupture in Beth’s carotid artery leaves her on the brink of death even as she’s pregnant with their first child. While Dr. Ben Abrams urges her to terminate the pregnancy to save her own life, she and Josh step out on faith and decide to carry the baby to full term. During the next few months, Josh struggles with his faith, Beth hides a secret that may destroy their marriage. She also discovers a decades-old connection to Dr. Abrams that could change his life forever. General Contemporary from Abingdon Press.

Seeking Unseen by Kat Heckenbach — It may be Angel’s wish…but it’s Melinda’s journey. Angel’s foster brother Zack needs help, but on the way she runs into her old friend Melinda, who demands to go along for the return to Toch Island. Melinda is more of an outsider than ever. A secret world surrounds her where even the bugs have magic. So when ex-con Doran Ashe offers her powers of her own, Melinda follows him despite – or maybe because of – everyone’s warnings. Speculative Contemporary Fantasy from Splashdown Books.

Healing Love by Laura V. Hilton — What happens when an Amish midwife falls in love with an Englisch vet? Contemporary Romance from Whitaker House.

Survive the Night by Vicki Hinze — Veteran and now Private Investigator Della Jackson is mourning the loss of her child and subsequent breakup of her marriage and now a stalker is determined to kill her, but she teams up with Paul Mason, the head of Florida Vet Net, to reclaim her life and discovers redemption and forgiveness and finally love. Romantic Suspense from Love Inspired.

Trinity: Military War Dog by Ronie Kendig — With his military war dog, a former Green Beret embarks on the greatest mission of his life-but will it also be his last? Romantic Suspense from Barbour.

Cedar Creek Seasons by Eileen Key, Becky Melby, Rachael Phillips, and Cynthia Ruchti — Romantic in every season of the calendar, charming, touristy Cedarburg, Wisconsin, with its last standing original Wisconsin covered bridge, works its magic on everyone. . .From a driven young twenty-something to a recently retired woman, each finds love when she least expects it. Romance Novella from Barbour.

Sandwich, with a Side of Romance by Krista Phillips — She moved to Sandwich, Illinois, in search of a new life, but ended up in a giant pickle. General Contemporary from Abingdon Press.

Stealing Hearts by Amber Stockton — Grace Baxton struggles to forgive a thief who took precious family heirlooms, yet threatens to steal her heart. Contemporary Romance from Barbour.

With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin — World War II flight nurse Lt. Mellie Blake begins an anonymous correspondence with Army engineer Lt. Tom MacGilliver – when they’re both transferred to North Africa, will their future be held hostage by the past, or will they reveal their identities? Historical Romance from Revell.

The Reunion by Dan Walsh — An emotionally charged story about a forgotten war hero who discovers that the love he lost can be restored. General Contemporary from Revell.

The Shadow on the Quilt by Stephanie Grace Whitson — Juliana Sutton’s life looks perfect-from the outside. Until her husband’s untimely death reveals a devastating truth. Contemporary Romance from Barbour.

Note: This list is compiled from those books registered by ACFW member authors on and reprinted with permission of ACFW.

I have received no compensation for this post and have no material connection with any product(s) mentioned. Embedded links are strictly for the convenience of my readers.

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