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Trailer Tuesday: The Lady of Daldriada

This week’s trailer is for a Christian fantasy by Phyllis Keels, The Lady of Daldriada.


In a setting the style of Robin Hood and Camelot, Phyllis has weaved a timeless story of honor, brotherhood, true love and faithfulness to God. Through many trials, battles and doubts, Phyllis’ characters must choose whether to follow God’s leading and remain faithful, or to take their destinies into their own hands; all the while dealing with the wrath of an enemy who relentlessly pursues them. Readers become so engrossed in the character’s point of view that it becomes difficult to put the book down.

In addition to The Lady of Daldriada, Phyllis Keels is also the author of a children’s book, writer’s workshop curriculum, and worship service narrations. She became an award winning author when The Lady of Daldriada placed as a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2012 this spring. She has a passion for coaching other writers in discovering and developing their gift of writing. In whatever method writer’s need, Phyllis shepherds others in using their gifts to find great joy in knowing God. Phyllis lives in North Carolina with her son and two dogs.

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