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Trailer Tuesday: New Blood

A Christian horror novel? I found H. G. Ferguson’s trailer and the concept for his novel New Blood to be interesting. What about you?


A pale, cloaked and hooded immigrant with haunting amber eyes wanders into the backcountry of 1755   Pennsylvania. Her name is Rebecca. Her curse is a rare genetic disorder, responsible for all the world’s legends of the Nosferatu, the Wampyr…the Vampire. Burned by sunlight, driven by a hellish need to drink human blood,   possessing superhuman strength and senses, Rebecca must live in the shadows, but never in darkness, for she is a believer in Jesus Christ. Forced to flee her native Wales, to America she has journeyed, seeking Sanctuary and a new   life where her secret is not known. This new life will bring her many friends,   fiendish enemies and the love of a Mohawk husband when Rebecca accepts captivity to free a thirteen-year-old colonial girl. But as the French set La Guerre Sauvage, astir in the backcountry with death and destruction in its wake, threatening everyone Rebecca loves, only a Vampire can stop them, even if she must pay the ultimate price.

A native of Southeast Alabama now at home in Phoenix, Arizona, H.G. Ferguson has always loved the strange, the unnerving, the unusual — in short, looking at things, particularly monsters, outside the box. A connoisseur of classic horror both literary and cinematic, he floods his writing with originality, creativity and power. Since the whopping age of six he has known Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and seeks above all things to honor Him and present the Truth — even Truth shrouded in shadows, like a candle flickering in a mortuary window.

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