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Within My Heart

I’m not a weepy person, so I know when I find myself getting teary-eyed in a novel that the writing is incredible.

For me, reading any of Tamera Alexander’s novels is like living the lives of her fictional people–feeling their joy, fear and pain. She has a voice that I term “soft.” The writing doesn’t hit me over the head with blunt sentences, but carries me along on a wave of emotion.   

From the first time (there have been multiple times) I read the tale of Elizabeth Westbrook in From A Distance, I have been anticipating Rachel Boyd’s story. That anticipation built throughout the second book of the Timber Ridge Reflections series, Beyond This Moment. She was still a secondary character, yet it was obvious that the third novel would satisfy the longing to know more of her story. After all, Rachel had issues that were never settled and an admirer who had yet to declare himself.

This novel took longer to finish  than was originally intended due to the illness of Tamera’s mother. But she tells us in a special note at the back of the book where and how her experience with her mother added a richness to the story that would not have been there otherwise.

Within My Heart starts with a prologue that, at first, seemed to not have anything to do with the story, but was based on an interesting historical fact. We learn its purpose later, of course.  I would have liked to have seen a hint as to Rand Brookston’s problem earlier in the series, especially in the first book when he saves Elizabeth’s life. But it made for good reading in this one.

One of my favorite scenes is when Rand gets Rachel’s son, Kurt, to open up. It makes you want to reach into the paper and hug the child! 

Though From a Distance is still my favorite in the series, Within My Heart gives it a good run for its money. If you’ve never read any of Tamera Alexander’s books, you must discover what you’re missing!


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