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October 2018 Around the Web

Sandra Ardoin @SandraArdoin




I bet you’ve had times when you’ve let your to-do list control you. I know I have…uh, do. So I found Julie Garmon’s post “The Art of Anticipation” on DiAnn Mills’ blog inspiring. I’ll let you know if I actually do something about it. 😉

Have you named your fears? Cathy Baker talks about naming and confessing fear in her post “Name Your Fears For What They Are and See What Happens When You Do.” 


I find myself in awe of writers who juggle writing, editing, and marketing three different books at the same time. I haven’t had the horror honor of doing that yet. Anyway, I found this peek into Roseanna White’s writing life interesting. I hope you also enjoy “Remember When – The World Between Books.”

What’s is your favorite type of suspense? Family Fiction took a poll and announced the results in “35 Essential Christian Suspense Authors.” Are you reading the favorites?

Are you like me and on an eternal budget? (Not one of those billion dollar lottery winners either, huh?) You still have to support your reading habit, right? Maybe there’s not much information you don’t already know in “Being a Bookworm on a Budget” on the Book Riot blog, but if you read digital books or listen to audiobooks, did you know there’s a second app other than Overdrive for borrowing from the library? I didn’t, so I learned something new with “Overdrive vs. Libby: Which will Serve You Best?


Just the title made me read “How Squirrel-Brain Helped My Writing” on the Writers in the Storm blog. Ha! Little did I know how much it was meant for me.  

In general, writing for publication is a business and, as such, we have an obligation to treat it that way. However, for those of us writing for the Christian market, it’s more than sales or calling attention to the author. It should be anyway. “Not Many of You Should Become Writers, Readers, Publishers, or Editors” on the Sayable blog is a gentle reminder that God and readers expect certain things from us as writers (as well as others in the industry) and we need to live up to those expectations.

Dan Balow has left his position as agent for the Steve Laube Agency to fully concentrate of his job as the head of Gilead Publishing. In one last post for the agency’s blog, he lists various things he’s learned about the writing and publishing business during his days as a literary agent. Writers, read and learn from “Lessons Learned From a Literary Agent.”


And here’s your funny for this month. I’m not one for watching horror movies, so the villain from the old (and new) Halloween movies means nothing to me. But it is almost Halloween, and I thought this video from Jimmy Kimmel Live was cute. The reaction of the last child in particular made it worth watching. 🙂




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